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Provide enhanced fire detection and emergency lighting throughout the premises


A combination of maintained and non maintained LED emergency lighting was installed complete with test switch capability throughout the escape routes.
Interlinked smoke detection was installed throughout the entire properties, with interlinked heat detection installed into the individual bedrooms. In addition, stand alone mains rechargeable smoke detectors were installed to each bedroom to alert individual occupants of a fire without disturbing other residents. The interconnected heat detectors then acted as a confirmation of a fire, at which point all other residents would be notified and evacuated. Wireless test facilites were installed to provide efficient routine testing of the devices fitted.

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“As a Quality Home Builder, Carr & Carr have always taken great care choosing the right trade for every aspect of our homes. We have chosen Abatis Fire & Security for over 10 years to provide the security systems to our properties. Throughout this time we have been more than happy with the quality of both the products they install and the service they provide to us and our customers.”

Dave Carr, Co-Managing Director, Carr & Carr (Builders) Ltd.

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