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Space People Grimsby
"When we needed our site security upgrading, we contacted Abatis Fire & Security and found them to be attentive and professional. We knew that our requirements were very much unusual but we were left confident at each stage that all of our requiremetns were being addressed in a cost effective yet highly secure manner. The installation itself was completed on schedule and ahead of budget and we have been delighted with the care and attention to detail afforded by the company."
David Beales, Facilities Manager, T H Brown Group.

CCTV Camera

Commercial & Industrial CCTV

CCTV and video surveillance systems have become an essential security tool to help reduce and detect crime, protecting people and property. Abatis Fire & Security offer a range of high quality solutions for different applications, environments and requirements at exceptionally competitive prices.

Over recent years CCTV has become a vital tool in the battle against crime, high profile cases where CCTV has helped track down a criminal are broadcast almost daily. CCTV has become a part of our lives.

But there are many circumstances and situations where CCTV can play an important role. Take a look at the following examples:

  • Protecting Employees
  • Protecting Property
  • Overseeing Health & Safety
  • Crowd Control
  • General Surveillance
  • Stock Control
  • Detecting Vandalism

Abatis Fire & Security Ltd embraces the latest technologies in CCTV adding effective tools in detecting, preventing and solving crimes. High quality cameras are combined with Digital Video Recorders capable of getting the best out of the camera images.

It’s important to give consistent levels of quality throughout the system so the design is crucial when considering a CCTV system. Abatis takes great care in designing CCTV systems, not considering the easiest location for a camera but selecting the best location for a camera, and then selecting the most appropriate camera for the application. Of course this is further influenced depending on environment, purpose and, of course, budget.

With such a large number of suppliers of CCTV equipment, it can be a minefield choosing the right one. So Abatis have chosen to use branded equipment that is sourced and, crucially, supported in the UK.

We will always recommend an appropriately sized hard drive size as it’s the size of the hard drive that ultimately limits the quality and duration of recorded images.

CCTV can be used in almost any environment and is widely considered to be one of the most effective methods of reducing crime.

Abatis can supply:

  • Stand Alone CCTV – Viewed and controlled locally on site, this is the most common form of CCTV system
  • Remotely Viewable CCTV – Many of the latest DVR’s are equipped with the capability to review the live and recorded images over local networks and via your internet connection, including via the latest smartphones. This can be a vital tool to assist lone workers, or simply to keep an eye on your premises while you’re away
  • Event Driven CCTV – Event driven CCTV applications is where recording of the DVR is triggered by movement in the areas where the cameras are located. This can be achieved by using intelligent movement detection on either the camera or DVR, or by utilizing external Passive Infra Red detectors (typically found on Intruder Alarm Systems). When movement is detected, the record rate can be programmed to increase in spped and quality, enhancing the quality of images that may be useful in criminal proceedings
  • Remotely Monitored CCTV – Remotely monitored CCTV is usually a hybrid of stand alone and event driven, except that the detection usually triggers an alarm to an alarm receiving centre, which can review the images and decide on appropriate action. This may include verbally challenging the intruder, calling a security guard or key holder, or even the police
  • Networked CCTV – Viewable over a local network, most modern DVR’s afford this basic connectivity via the your local PC
  • Fast Alarm Response – Monitored CCTV can command response from your nominated Guarding company, Keyholder, or even the Police Force, in a similar way intruder alarm
  • Integrated Video Surveillance- CCTV can be integrated into other forms of security system offering integrated solutions and responses ehnacing your site security solution further still
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition – ANPR- ANPR can be used in a variety of applications, for example can be used to restrict access to car parks and compounds to only authorised number plates only

Abatis Fire & Security Ltd have already successfully installed CCTV systems to many different applications and our systems are suitable for:

  • Shops
  • Office Complexes
  • Industrial Units
  • Business Parks
  • Homes

All systems will comply with the requirements of:

  • National Security Inspectorate
  • NACP 20
  • BS7671
  • BS8 (Where Police response is required)

What about After Sales care and Maintenance agreements?

We offer full and comprehensive options at excellent prices. Click here for more detail.

Already have a system or need repairs to an existing system?

No problem. Abatis can adopt, repair and maintain all third party systems. Contact us for a site survey or quote for service or repair. Please call us for a free no obligation quotation.


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