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Space People Grimsby
"When we needed our site security upgrading, we contacted Abatis Fire & Security and found them to be attentive and professional. We knew that our requirements were very much unusual but we were left confident at each stage that all of our requiremetns were being addressed in a cost effective yet highly secure manner. The installation itself was completed on schedule and ahead of budget and we have been delighted with the care and attention to detail afforded by the company."
David Beales, Facilities Manager, T H Brown Group.

Burglar Alarm Systems - Residential

Burglar Alarm Systems come in all shapes and sizes, and so do our homes, So it’s no mean feat to design and install one that is both reliable and cost effective. Yet that’s exactly what Abatis Fire & Security Ltd do. There are many products out there, some rely on their aesthetics, others on their price.

But while the burglar alarm systems appearance and cost is crucial, it is equally important, indeed arguably more so, that the installed system is capable of properly protecting your property. How this is achieved depends upon the specific environment and how the burglar alarm systems will be used.

This sort of information needs a site visit by our experienced surveyor, and this is where our expertise fits in.

We will not provide quotes over the phone simply because it isn’t possible to do so without taking risks. It’s our job to protect you, not to take risks with you and your property.

Once you’ve decided on using Abatis, you can be assured that Abatis engineers have been installing burglar alarm systems in people’s homes for nearly 20 years. So we know what we are doing and have developed some pretty handy techniques that combine and ensure an aesthetically pleasing end result.

When we install a burglar alarm system in somebody’s home, we take great care doing so. Your home is your Castle, and our engineers will ensure we make as little disruption as   possible and that everything is left as it was before we started. We’ll clean as we go, and ensure all materials are cleaned and cleared at the end of the job.

No fuss, no mess. A simple to use, cost efficient security solution.


Abatis install both wired and wireless burglar alarm systems. Which type we fit depends upon your home, and upon what you require. There are pros and cons to these and we’ll happily and honestly explain what these are to you.


Traditionally a problem area, these days there are excellent detection devices that will happily live with almost all domestic pet environments, with pet immunity offered up to 100lbs in weight. All devices have been thoroughly tested in our own homes so we know what the devices we fit are capable of providing.

Simple to use

We won’t leave you until you’ve grasped the use of your burglar alarm system. The equipment we use is simple to use and can support several methods of arming and disarming the system. Burglar alarm systems commanding a policed response will be designed to comply with the Police Policy which can need the system to be set and unset using proximity tags, eliminating the need for the end user to use codes, meaning the everyday use of the system becomes even simpler.

There’s nothing to worry about when using your alarm system.


Burglar alarm systems should be installed in accordance with the British Standards in force, currently PD6662:2004 (the UK interpretation of  BS EN50131), . The latest standards call up the need to carry our risk assessments as part of the proposals. As part of this, Intruder Alarms need to be appropriately “Graded” in terms of their risk from burglary. Generally speaking, this will determine the type of system proposed. and the following the grades are generally accepted as being as follows:

  • Grade 1.Lowest Risk
  • Grade 2.Low to medium risk (most domestic properties)
  • Grade 3.Medium to high risk (most commercial properties)
  • Grade 4.Highest Risk

Abatis avoid the DIY market place as we know that a reliable system is essential to our customers. That is why we only use certified equipment and trained qualified engineers.

Whichever system you require, and whatever the design proposal we put together, all systems designed and installed by Abatis will comply with the requirements of the following:

National Security Inspectorate

  • PD6662:2004
  • BS7671
  • DD243: 2004 (Where Police response is required)

What about notification?

When we talk about notification, what we mean is who will be notified of an alarm activation? The answer is that Alarm activations are “notified” in different ways dependant again upon the design and risk.

Insurance companies often require domestic properties of a higher risk to include notification of alarms to be via high quality and highly secure networks such as a RedCARE or Dual Com product. Abatis Fire & Security Ltd are approved to supply these, and do so at highly competitive rates.

Audible Bells Only Local Notifcation only
Digital Communicator Local Notification & to keyholders and Police
Dual Com GPRS  Local Notification & to keyholders and Police
RedCARE and RedCARE GSM   Local Notification & to keyholders and Police
Emizon Local Notification & to keyholders and Police
Speech Dialler Local Notification & to keyholders
FreeComGP Local Notification & to keyholders and Police

Why us?

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What about ‘After Sales Care’ and ‘Maintenance Agreements’?

Abatis offer full and comprehensive options at excellent prices. Click here for more detail.

Already have an Burglar Alarm system?

No problem. Abatis will adopt, repair and maintain all third party systems. Contact us for a site survey or quote for service or repair.

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