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Space People Grimsby
"When we needed our site security upgrading, we contacted Abatis Fire & Security and found them to be attentive and professional. We knew that our requirements were very much unusual but we were left confident at each stage that all of our requiremetns were being addressed in a cost effective yet highly secure manner. The installation itself was completed on schedule and ahead of budget and we have been delighted with the care and attention to detail afforded by the company."
David Beales, Facilities Manager, T H Brown Group.

Installation of CCTV Camera

Protection of High Value Assets

To represent how we can help our customers prevent loss of high value assets, this is a real world example of how we helped a local engineering company overcome this potential pitfall of their business.

Our customer had come to us after several high-value assets were lost / stolen at his engineering firm.  Not only where these assets attractive to theives, but also of no value to insurers – they where engineering jigs.  These are labourious to build and specific to their job, but are only worth their scrap value to their insurers, however their weight and size made them attractive options to “scrap” theives.

Our customer presented their problem, and we carried out a risk assesment to determine what we could do to help them, as well as taking into considering what they could do to help themselves.

We determined there was a number of key “basic” factors the customer could indeed carry out to help maintain security at their facility, as well as a number of services we could implement to help prevent further losses.

Some of the basic things pointed out where as simple as paddlocks to help prevent break-in’s, and putting in a regieme at the end of the day to make sure as many items as possible where kept in the safest places as possible.

Of course, we do not live in a perfect world and it quickly become apparent to us that secure storage space as an unavoidable issue, and although we determined measures to help prevent it, the situation still left us with an unavoidable problem -

High value assets had to be stored outside, unattended, over night on a regular basis

With this, we helped implement a new CCTV system to help deter theives, covering the following:


A number of face to face meetings with the customer and their staff, in order to determine their problem, and evaluate the extent of what the problem was causing

Key points -

  • High value assets had to be stored outside, unattended, over night on a regular basis
  • The client had not considered all their security options and previously dismissed using such a company as they incorrectly assumed there are high costs involved


A plan of the building and site grounds was drawn up, in order to determine what can be done to help the situation as it stands, and help us determine what system we need to develop to cure the problem

Key Points -

  • The current CCTV Design left several blind spots, and the client had no recording facility
  • The client wished to keep as much of the current system as possible to reduce costs
  • Several, free, basic ideas where discussed to help prevent theft – padlocks, storing goods more effectively indoors to maximise space usage etc


A system was designed, with CCTV cameras placed in key locations to not only cover as larger area as possible, but also kept in sight and out of reach so potential theives could see they where there, but not do anything about them. A full set of warning signs where also designed to help deter theives, as well as bring their attention to the fact they where on CCTV

Key Points -

  • Only 2 new cameras were required, and we ensured they could be fully intergrated into the existing system
  • The current CCTV unit was capable of recording footage, and our broad knowledge of all CCTV hardware allowed us to train the client in usage
  • Warning Signs were used as a cost effective deterant, whilst the CCTV allows capture of any thefts taking place


Once the plan was approved by our client, we quickly and efficiently worked to implement the new security measures as soon as possible, whilst ensuring we was working “around the client” as not to interfere with their day to day operation.

Key Points -

  • An implementation plan as approved by the client, this allowed him to know when we was going to work, and how long it would take
  • The entire job was carried out in one afternoon, including training and resetting the existing intruder alarm system as well

Analysis & Testing

After the new security system became live, we re-visited the client to not only check how the new camera’s where performing, but also to see if any further work needed to be carried out.

Key Points -

  • A unconsidered blind spot become apparent, all we had to do was adjust 2 cameras to resolve the situation and provide 100% coverage

Are you and your business in a similar situation?

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for a free no-obligation meeting, if you’re unsure what solution you want, we’re here to advise you based on your needs

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