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Space People Grimsby
"When we needed our site security upgrading, we contacted Abatis Fire & Security and found them to be attentive and professional. We knew that our requirements were very much unusual but we were left confident at each stage that all of our requiremetns were being addressed in a cost effective yet highly secure manner. The installation itself was completed on schedule and ahead of budget and we have been delighted with the care and attention to detail afforded by the company."
David Beales, Facilities Manager, T H Brown Group.

Fire Systems & Emergency Lighting - Commercial / Industrial

Effective fire detection and alarm systems and emergency lighting installations are a key component of fire and emergency risk management for any commercial, public or multi-occupancy premises. Fire regulations require businesses to be able to provide evidence that their systems are fit for purpose and are designed, installed, commissioned and maintained in accordance with the relevant British Standards by a competent contractors. Abatis Fire & security are the perfect partner for you and can provide expert advice and design installation and maintenance of many types of emergency lighting and fire detection and alarm solutions.


When fire strikes, you must be able to react immediately. Abatis Fire & Security can design, install and maintain fire systems and smoke detection systems that can identify the signs of a fire at the earliest possible stages and can pinpoint its location alerting you and other building occupants of the presence of the fire and emergency lighting that can aid the swift and safe escape of the building occupants in the event of fire or other emergency situations.

Different sensors detect a variety of fire situations from fast flaming blazes to slow, smouldering fires that can release poisonous gases. They can help you to reduce the risk of injury or death to employees and visitors as well as minimise damage to your property and disruption to your operations. Dependent upon risk, 24 hour monitoring ensures your property and people are protected at all times, 24 hours a day

The Impact of Fire

Few events have more of a disturbing and destructive impact than fire. As well as substantial property damage, injuries and the loss of lives, fire can severely disrupt your business for long periods of time

Fire statistics show that 80% of single site businesses that suffer a significant fire fail within the following 12 months. Valuable information, transaction data and customers’ files can be lost and further revenue while you restore your operations.

Fire legislation also requires businesses to be responsible for fire prevention.

Our Solutions

Abatis Fire & Security’s surveyors are ready to support you every step of the way. Whether you need help with the design, installation, monitoring or maintenance of fire systems and smoke detection systems.

Abatis are not restricted to the equipment it can use and can specify the appropriate equipment for the job, ensuring high quality cost effective and efficient instalaltions.

Abatis Fire & Security Ltd have extensive experience in the supply and maintenance of Fire Alarm systems for Almost any application.

Abatis Fire & Security Ltd designs, installs, maintains and repairs fire systems in compliance with BS5839-1 for buildings and BS5839-6 for dwellings. Homes of Multiple Occupation (HMO’s) have become a particular specialty for Abatis providing peace of mind for landlords.

We embrace the latest technologies including 2 wire non addressable, 2 wire analogue addressable as well as the conventional fire alarm systems.

The Regulatory Reform Order

All companies with five employees or more must produce a documented fire risk assessment to establish that all the correct measures have been taken regarding fire prevention and detection. The requirement for businesses to have fire certificates was abolished.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005, emphasises the importance of preventing fires and reducing risk. It is the responsibility of businesses and landlords to ensure the safety of occupants, employees and visitors alike.

The designated responsible person must conduct, or employ a suitably qualified person to conduct, a fire risk assessment and implement and maintain a fire safety plan.

A set of guides have been produced by the Communities and Local Government department. These advise you of how to conduct a fire risk assessment and put in to place any fire precaution or prevention measures.

Guides Introduction & Checklist

Fire and other authorities may wish to have sight of the risk assessment.


As part of the fire risk assessment, the inspecting authorities require evidence that a system is ‘fit for purpose’ and is installed and maintained by ‘competent persons’.

The Introduction of the Fire SAFETY Order in 2005 placed great responsibility on property owners. Part of the order called on property and business owners to consider the need for automatic fire detection, Once installed or where already existing, the law reqires it be regularly and properlymaintained by competent persons.

And this is where our expertise fits in. Abatis Fire & Security can give you peace of mind that all systems will comply with the requirements of:

  • BS5839-1 For Buildings
  • BS5839-6 for dwellings including HMO’s
  • BS7671

Types Of System

There are several grades of fire alarm system and the type appropriate for your application will depend on a number of things to be discussed at the time of the survey. These will include recommendations made by the Fire Brigade, your insurance company, and as a result of your risk assessment. Systems range from Manual incorporating Manual Call Points at exit points, to a P1 system requiring AFD (Automatic Fire Detection throughout the building).

What can we do?

Abatis can provide Fire Alarm solutions for virtually any requirement and have successfully installed fire systems including:

  • Offices
  • Apartment Blocks
  • Industrial Units
  • Factories
  • Homes

What about notification?

When we talk about notification, what we mean is who will be notified of an alarm activation? The answer is that Alarm activations are “notified” in different ways dependant again upon the design and risk. Included are:

Audible Bells Only Local Notifcation only
Dual Com GPRS Local Notification & to keyholders and Fire Brigade
RedCARE and RedCARE GSM Local Notification & to keyholders and Fire Brigade

Insurance companies may require notification of alarms to be via high quality and highly secure networks such as a RedCARE or Dual Com product. Fire Alarm systems rated for property protection are likely to require additional means of notification as above.

Domestic & Homes of Multiple Occupation Smoke Detection

Abatis Fire & Security Ltd can fit smoke detection and fire systems to suit your requirements. As part of your Intruder Alarms, as stand alone battery powered devices, or mains wired, we can provide for your safety requirements in the work place or home. Homes of Mutiple Occupancy are covered under the requirements of BS5839-6 and Abatis Fire & Security Ltd designs, installs, maintains and repairs systems in compliance with BS5839-6 for multiple occupation dwellings. Homes of Multiple Occupation (HMO’s) have become a particular specialty for Abatis providing peace of mind for landlords.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Carbon monoxide detectors are becoming an increasingly popular and effective device to aid detection of potentially fatal carbon monoxide emissions in the home.  Abatis Fire & Security Ltd supply and fit carbon monoxide alarms, they can fitted as either part of an intruder alarm system or a stand-alone device.

Emergency Lighting

Abatis Fire & Security Ltd are able to provide emergency lighting installation test and repair services in compliance with the requirements of BS5266 and regularly do so as a stand alone service or as part of your on-going fire alarm maintenance packages. Please call us for more information or a free quotation.

What about After Sales care and Maintenance agreements?

We offer full and comprehensive options at excellent prices. Click here for more detail.

Already have fire systems installed?

No problem. Abatis Fire & Security can adopt, repair and maintain all third party fire systems. Contact us for a site survey or quote for service or repair.

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